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The left gloats, the right sulks & the American people will be hurt

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To The Daily Sun,

Well we wake up here on Thursday morning to the news that the Republicans have finally given in to the inevitable and passed the continuing resolution. We're all safe now — at least until Jan. 15th. Lets hope the Republicans are smart enough to use different tactics by then. Now I applaud the passion of Ted Cruze and the Tea Party folks but really guys, you have to be smarter about these things. All you have done is give the left more ammunition to attack conservatives with. As I have been saying, let the ACA pass and when every working family, poor and elderly find out they are being shafted while free rides are being given to free loaders and illegal aliens then let the Marxist socialist extremists now running things try to justify their positions.
I see that L.J. Siden wrote a fantasy novel covering most of a page here in The Sun. Well good for him. I skipped it, it's just more of the same left-wing dribble. You all know how the left is. If you don't agree with them they don't counter any reasonable arguments they just call conservatives names like "racist, redneck, or any other offensive term then complain when we return the favor with things like "moon bat or nutty professor". Thin skinned aren't they?
Love it when they say "Fox News lies" but when challenged can't give even one example of a lie by Fox. Then they say "the Tea Party are all racists" and for proof show a picture of one guy in front of the White House with a rebel flag. Some proof! By those standards we could say everyone on the left are sexual perverts using Anthony Wiener as our proof. I remember L.J. Siden wrote a letter here right after the last election claiming proof that Fox was biased because conservative pundits insisted Romney would win. He skipped the part where the liberal contributors on Fox all claimed Obama would win. So you see just how unfairly L.J. and the others on the left present the "facts".
Most of these Fox haters have never tuned into Fox because they have been told not to by MSNBC, Huffington Post, and the extremest Marxists media on the left. Even here in this paper recently, Nancy Parsons insisted everyone stop watching Fox and start listening to a select list of all leftist media. Talk about brain washing — geeze!
Now as those on the left gloat and we on the right sulk. Remember it is the regular American people who are going to be hurt the most. As an old expression goes, people get the government they deserve, so in spite of the best efforts of the well meaning Tea Party members of Congress, Americas deserves to be hurt for falling for Obama and crews lies and false promises.
Steve Earle