I can certainly hat your views but I don't have to hate you, too

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To The Daily Sun,

As a full-time reader and occasional contributor, I was dismayed by a few of last week's letters. There were several personal attacks and, one letter so angry — so hateful — that it actually sickened me.
I think that The Daily Sun is a wonderful forum for political debate. Most of the contributions are thoughtful and, at least, somewhat respectful. There are, however, certain factions that have absolutely no tolerance for any opinion other than their own. These individuals attack not only someone's opinions, but see no problem in personal, vicious assaults. Anyone who disagrees with them can find themselves caught in a crossfire. Many of these letters are dominated by CAPITALIZATION. I guess this is the equivalent of YELLING. Daily Sun readers are, by definition, READERS. We can figure out your emphasis.
Now to quote Bill Clinton — listen to this: I absolutely defend anyone's right to express their views I may not agree with them, but have the utmost respect for freedom of speech. I may not see the necessity of owning an assault weapon, but I support the Second Amendment. As a card carrying member of the LEFT (sorry), I voted for Barack Hussein Obama — twice. I may hate your views, but I don't hate you. Hasn't our country advanced beyond the High Noon — blow each other away mentality?
June M. Huot