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'Climate change' is perfect name because climate will change

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To The Daily Sun,

I recently read a letter from Professor Wes Golomb of LRCC on climate change. After I was done laughing I felt the need to clue the professor on the fallacy of climate change.

The fear of climate change has been around for decades. Even in the 1970s people were talking about it but it wasn't called climate change back then. It was called global cooling. That's right! People were scared that the world was getting too cold and we were all going to freeze to death. Time magazine even dedicated multiple articles and covers to the threat. It was all the pollution and ash from volcanoes that was blocking the sun and making the temperature drop. One of the solutions was to melt the polar ice caps so we could raise the temperature by getting rid of the ice.

Fast forward a couple of decades. The temperature had been rising and the fear of global warming was growing. Then the stories started. It was pollution and ash from volcanoes that was trapping the heat, melting the polar ice caps, and we were all going to drown if we didn't burn to death first. Time Magazine even dedicated multiple articles and covers to the threat. Sounds the same, only different.

In Dec. 2009, the Global Warming Summit was held in Copenhagen. On the final day of the summit, Copenhagen received four inches of snow overnight due to a blizzard going through the area. Temperatures fell to a balmy 25 degrees Fahrenheit. That is some harsh global warming right there. To make sure that didn't happen again, the next summit was held in Cancun.... no chance of it snowing there.

About six months ago I had the pleasure of attending a regional planning commission listening session. One of the topics discussed was climate change (that's what we are calling it now). They gave us all stats from the year 2000 how the temp has been rising and what we can do to change the course. Someone smartly asked "Why are these stats from 2000? It's 2013 now." The reason is of course that the average global temperature has been dropping over the past 13 years.

So it was global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change. Climate change is the perfect thing to call it because the climate will change. Now we can spend money no matter which way the wind blows. Climate change isn't about climate. It's about someone telling us what we can drive (car pollution), what we can eat (cows bred for consumption fart, leading to methane gas killing the Ozone), and how much of our tax dollars can be spent on a problem that doesn't exist. I'm all for lowering pollution and finding alternative energy sources as long as it is affordable and not paid for by fleecing the American taxpayer. In 2011, Obama-backer and solar cell producer Solyndra received $535 million taxpayer dollars. Did they produce more affordable solar cells with that money? No, they went bankrupt. Where is the $4.28 billion in economic benefits from that investment that the prof. says we should receive?

Professor Golomb says that science of climate change is not a democratic endeavor. Sorry to say it, but the science of climate change leads to big government and that is a Democratic endeavor.

Scott Schoonmaker