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'Insanity' pretty much covers my experience with healthcare.gov

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To The Daily Sun,

I want to share my healthcare.gov experience with those who haven't achieved their goals with this — yet.
On October 5, I was finally able to get the application started. This event took approximately two hours and it was a lovely day outside. My husband managed to get the entire backyard raked in the amount of time it took me to "complete" the application.
I finally got to the end of the application (still not knowing if we qualified for the subsidies or if there were insurance plans we could afford) and my husband's ID needed to be verified.
So I did the steps required (scanned his N.H. driver's license and attached it) and then waited... and waited.
I called once a week wondering why his ID wasn't being verified and the call center would tell me to call the ID verifying company (Experian Verification Services). I would call them and be told I had to call the call center again. So I would. Then round and round we go.
Last week (October 10) I was told this was a glitch and I should wait another week.
I called October 19 and the call center, yet again, told me to call Experian. I did and they told me to call the call center. I did.
But on the bright side I now get a new message when I try to upload my husband's ID. Now I get a message telling me the file is too large and must be smaller than 10 MB. It is — much smaller. Still won't accept it.
I will give this one more attempt... one more and I'm done.
I REFUSE to submit his ID via the mail. They can't tell me how long that would take and I have no idea where it's going.
I still don't know what plans we have available to us, I still don't know if we qualify for any subsidies, and we aren't any further now than we were on October 5.
Albert Einstein's definition of insanity "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Pretty much covers this.
Mary Pelchat