All they can tell me about accessing is to keep trying

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To The Daily Sun,

Regulators in New Hampshire, Washington and Pennsylvania are taking actions against companies that are building health care websites. Regulators have warned these companies that the websites could confuse people trying to get on the states health care exchanges.
However, most people should not be confused as these websites probably work. You definitely know when you are on the website, it does not work. Here is my story:
— After 12 tries, completed the applications.
— Was unsuccessful 32 times that I tried to purchase insurance.
— Called 'Help Line', they told me to keep trying to buy insurance on
— Kept trying to buy insurance on, but finally gave up.
— Called Anthem (carrier for NH), got an agent who advised me to keep trying to buy insurance on However, she gave me a direct phone number to call in two weeks and I could signup with Anthem.
Senators Ayotte, Shaheen, and Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster are getting a 72-75 percent subsidy for Obamacare. Why is it good enough for us but not for Congress and its staff? FYI, Kuster, Ayotte and Shaheen are rich (by President Obama's definition).
In November 2014, we need to vote out of office, Senator Shaheen, and Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster. When Congress passes a law, it should apply to all of the people of the United States including Congress and its staff.
Jim Mayotte