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Wealth inequality will only be made worse by Obamacare

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To The Daily Sun,

Let's be honest. We all know Obamacare is a disaster of biblical proportions, from its BRIBED origins to today's colossal, sign up, computer catastrophe. Countless people have already wasted millions of hours in utter frustration watching dead, Obamacare computer screens. Americans are intelligent enough to recognize total failure when they see it. Bernadette Loesch, Kate Miller and James Veverka can dress the "Obama care pig " in a mini skirt, high heels, hoop ear rings and smear it with lipstick from snout to curly tail but the the ugly oinker will still remain. I called out local DEMOCRAT politician Kate Miller for her INCOMPLETE remarks regarding Obamacare. SHE AGREES ! She has yet to defend herself. Her unwillingness to debate OBAMACARE signals just how bad the legislation is and how SPINELESS Democrats are to defend what they jack hammered up your backside.
1. Maybe Kate can explain how ROBBING 500 billion dollars from Medicare (another DONKEY program BANKRUPTING America in the TRILLIONS ) to fund Obamacare helps improve the availability and quality of medical care for those age 65 or older who consume most of the health care in America. How does paying doctors hundreds of billions LESS for treating those on MEDICARE help the elderly. How does putting 30 million freebies in line (likely paying the doctor more ) before those on Medicare in a profession already short capacity help the old? Obama SLASHED Medicare QUALITY to pay for OBAMACARE. It is no wonder those on MEDICARE vote REPUBLICAN overwhelmingly and surely will in the 2014 election.
2. It is not just the elderly "thrown under the bus" by Obamacare. The young of this country (age 25 to 40 ) will be economically eviscerated to the bone. Obama decided THE YOUNG would pay for the "SICK" that have been excluded under preexisting conditions. The TYPICAL WEALTH of the "sick" person getting their health care paid will often be 10 TIMES the wealth of the person paying their bills. Don't always assume "sick and "poor" are synonymous. They aren't. The young are STAGGERING under record levels of college debt while Obamacare forces them to pay the health care costs of millionaires. What ever premiums the "sick" pay will be MINISCULE to their actual costs of care.
3. The number of DOCTORS willing to see Medicare and Medicaid patients is SHRINKING rapidly. Doctors simply can not afford to have 50 percent or more of their patients cost more than GOVERNMENT PAYS them and reimbursement rates plummet under Obamacare. Tell us all Kate how that helps the ELDERLY?
4. Obamacare creates more then TWENTY NEW TAXES on companies and individuals while America suffers the LOWEST percentage of the population working in 30 years under. Higher taxation KILLS JOB CREATION and sends record numbers to WELFARE HANDOUTS. There is no mystery why WELFARE and POVERTY are at records under OBAMA and Kate Miller.
5. Who thinks a new, HIGH tax on EVERY medical device maker costing BILLIONS improves the likelihood of new discoveries? These companies have all stated higher taxes will SLOW new medical DISCOVERY and SLOW employment in the one part of the economy with any life in it. That means we all live with MORE PAIN, LONGER! Thanks Kate!
6. Three presidents representing the largest unions in America wrote letters to Obama last month all screaming that Obama care's 30 hour work mandate was killing the 40-hour full-time work week unions had worked the last 100 years to accomplish. UNIONS demand Obama care be changed in so may ways it would render it meaningless. Why Bernadette?
7. If Obamacare is so GREAT, why the hell is just about anyone important in Washington D.C. INCLUDING the programs NAME SAKE exempted from it. WHY Kate?
8. Eighty percent of Americans are going to WAKE UP soon to discover they have been completely "HAD" by Democrats, the same way a sheep is by a wolf. Health care is only going to cost LESS to a very narrow segment of America. The other 80 percent will pay more than ever, for LESS THAN EVER. The largest burden of increased Obamacare cost will fall to the MIDDLE CLASS and the young. The wealth inequality of America so often politicized by Democrats will as usual only be worsened by Obamacare. I take all bets to the contrary in any amount. Open your wallet Kate, money talks and B.S. walks. You do a lot walking.
9. People will soon discover if they want anything that is even remotely "AFFORDABLE" under Obamacare they risk monstrous deductibles as high as $12,000 per year. They are going to find their doctor may not be in the program they want. They will find the hospital they want may not be in the program either. People are going to say "I HAVE BEEN DUPED ". Obamacare for the most part is the same, limited access, HMO plan I had 10 years ago, except it offers even less and I am paying five times more for it. We turned health care upside down because it was expensive. Now it is going to be even MORE expensive to the vast majority of Americans and they will get even less for it. The poor will become poorer as they do after every DONKEY IDEA. Nothing costs Americas MIDDLE CLASS MORE than when Democrats offer stuff for FREE to BUY ELECTIONS. You have been HAD again by the donkey my friends.
Tony Boutin