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Understand, just saying 'Thanks for your service' no longer works

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To The Daily Sun,

Comment made by one of the organizers of the Veteran Memorial March this past Sunday in DC: "The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC yesterday (Sunday) was not in alignment with our message. We feel disheartened that some (guess who) would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle was and remains about America honoring Veterans in a peaceful and 'apolitical' manner. Our love for and dedication remains to our Veterans, regardless of party affiliation or political leanings".

This is what was written on a Facebook page and explained to me by a person who had discussed with organizers that were Veterans. First of all, it should NOT have been called the "Million Veteran March" and second, it should have been pointed out that people OTHER than Veterans were involved in the organization of the march. Most there were there for the right reason. Many were not veterans and there for "other" reasons. It was explained to me that the "Don't Tread On Me" and "Confederate flags" that he saw were held by "other" than veterans.

The two nationally-known figures who spoke of "veterans not being used as pawns" were the ones who most often use veterans as pawns and were passing out small American flags. Those veterans who were there for the right reason were at the memorials — WW2, Korean and Vietnam — standing, walking and remembering with honor as they should have been. Others were looking for media attention and the opportunity to hug and say "thank you for your service" so others could hear, an act often used which has little meaning.

My letter in last week paper, in which I stated our two Congressional representatives should NOT receive the veteran vote here in N.H. generated some response both positive and negative. Both beat apathy. IF our reps did choose to stand with veterans and those who serve, the 1 percent they SAY they care about, they would have thought about their vote, USED the paid staff they have and done the right thing on behalf of the veterans of N.H. They along with our senators should understand by now that "Thank You For Your Service" no longer works. Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are what makes the difference. When it comes to Veterans and the 1 percent, "apolitical" actually means something!

Oh yes, by the way, American soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, is'STILL being held POW in Afghanistan. We're to believe everything that can be done, is being done. Really? Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability no longer an issue?

Veterans like myself AND Mr. Armstrong (buddy, Russ from Peterborough) are NOT going to carry your banner just because of your party name. Like he stated, "we agree on most issues", I think the difference might be, Mr. Armstrong served in the Air Force so at times his view would be "clouded". Having been a Navy Corpsman who served with the Marines, I had more training on just cleaning up the mess: "Get in, get out." Or, in the case of DC, discussing OUR N.H. reps: "Get it done or get the hell out!"


Bob Jones