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Is this really where the American left wants our country to go?

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To The Daily Sun,

Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama...
For the way you have divided our country more than any president that I have lived through! How easily you forgot the very platform you ran on. Remember your words, "There is no Red or Blue America, there is only America. You ran as the great "Uniter," but you are really the great "Divider!"
You do your very best to pit Democrats against Republicans and what a great job you have done! Mission-accomplished, you have won!
The way you insult American citizens, who dare disagree with you, like when you disrespectfully said, "the Republicans can sit on the back of the bus." I could not believe your words in your recent speech, when you twice said, "the Republicans are holding a gun to our heads." This type of speech only incites violence, especially coming from the President of the United States of America! Maybe you can come up with a better way to get your point across! I remember the left jumping all over Sarah Palin, when she drew a circle on a map and put a pin in it!
I am equally disturbed at your hateful speech, blaming the "Tea Party" for everything. Are you aware Mr. President, that the "Tea Party" is made up of hundreds of thousands of hardworking American citizens, like myself, who have a constitutional right to voice our concerns and worries about the way our country is being governed? Now, under your IRS, we have to fear that right!
How easy it was for you and your administration to condone the disgusting actions of the "Occupy Wall Street Gangs" as they caused disruption and destruction in numerous cities across America? Their movement cost American taxpayers millions of our hard-earned tax dollars!
You promised great transparency — far from it! Your words are meaningless! Why would you tell the American people (knowing it was not true) that under your health care plan, we could keep our current health care plans and doctors? Only meaningless words and lies come out of your mouth!
I believe these facts, along with the many scandals that have plagued your administration, are enough to ask for your resignation. Please Mr. President, do what is best to save our great nation and resign!
I suppose I will be seeing the IRS knock on my door, as Dr. Ben Carson did after he disagreed with your health care plan. Is this really, where the left wants America to go? I would hope not, but knowing the censorship that all major mainstream news stations deal in, many American Citizens are kept in the dark! I never thought America would see that day but, it has arrived and can be proven!

Linda Dupere