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Giving poor a middle class income doesn't make them middle class

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To The Daily Sun,
In order for socialism to prevail, capitalism must fail. The universal cause for the failure of capitalist systems is government. Governments milk the populace and they want to control the populace and eventually they kill the goose that lays the golden egg. (How's that for a mixed metaphor.)
President Obama's mantra has been, "I been sent to save the middle class." The middle class is the driving force for a vibrant capitalist society. If you watch what has been done rather than listen to what is said, you will see that the actions of our government have been systematically eliminating the middle class. It isn't just the persistent taxing of success that stifles the middle class. Perhaps the most dangerous taxation has been the taxation of savings.
"We don't have a wealth tax", you say. I say we do and it is another name for inflation. If you save a thousand dollars and there is 10 percent inflation, the present value of the money saved is about nine hundred dollars plus whatever paltry interest you have earned. On the other hand, if you borrow one thousand dollars and there is 10 percent inflation you pay back with dollars that are worth only nine hundred dollars. The middle class populace tends to save, but the government always borrows. That way the government steals savings.
The next step in destroying the middle class has been "poverty programs". The rationalization is that if we "give" the poor a middle class income they will become middle class. In fact, what we do with these programs is create a growing lower class. The truth is that class in not a matter of cash on hand but rather a matter of character. Eventually, the entrepreneurial spirit that typifies the middle class will wither and the lower class will become a malleable voting-block. We will have a nation of elites, the aristocracy (super wealthy and government)and the peasantry.
Another method of destroying the middle class is over regulation. The super wealthy can afford armies of lawyers to interpret the regulations and they can afford armies of lobbyists to shape the regulations. You want to open a lemonade stand, there are a forest of regulations and expensive licenses. At one time being a paperboy (pardon me, paper person) was the first step of gainful employment and was a source of savings. The latest attempt of regulation would make the minimum wage apply to virtually all employment, and there is the perennial drive to establish a minimum wage that will support a family. (By the way, raising the minimum wage is the most successful way of cutting off the lower rungs of the employment ladder.) Youth should remain unemployed anyway. The unemployed become slaves to the government. The minimum wage would be about one dollar if you had to have a job before you could vote.
Some other days, I will expound on the differences between intelligence and wisdom, and death from bureaucracy. I bet you can hardly wait.
Dale P. Eddy