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Wake up! Popularity does not make for good political leadership

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To The Daily Sun,

Right now, the intelligent seniors and veterans are screaming to replace the whole corrupt crowd down there in DC. I say right now, because when the booths open for voting, the displeasure will fade away to "I know that name" and continue to vote for the same old people who know nothing about helping this country, but sure know how to line their pockets with yours and my hard-earned money.

Wake up! Popularity does not make for good leadership. So it seems that you do not care about your children or grandkids, so lets leave them a debt so high that they will never be able to pay it off, because we will not be here to see them burdened with our reckless spending. Spend! Spend! Spend! It's only money. After all, Washington has printing presses to print more and more and more. Pretty soon, the green money of the good ole US of A, won't even be worth the paper it is printed on. And, do not speak out about the head honcho because someone will accuse you of racism. A black woman comedian once said it very clearly of him, "If he doesn't do well, we can blame it on the white part of him".

Bev Buker