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Isn't 'authorizing the use of force' the same as declaring war?

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To The Daily Sun,

Just a couple of things: Leon Albushies continues his opinion that former President Bush broke some laws with the attack on Iraq. I respectfully disagree. First he is under the impression that Congress, did not use the words "declare war on" that it was an illegal war. I've heard it argued that "authorizing the use of force" is the same thing. Not being a lawyer I cannot say this is right or wrong but I choose to believe it has the same meaning and was understood as such by Congress and everyone else, nit picking aside. Second his idea that we need the approval from the U.N. to do anything is absurd. The U.N. is a corrupt, incompetent organization that has violated it's charter over and over for decades and like a contract that in business that has been broken it no longer has the force of law to enforce it's terms.
John Hoyt is so very concerned that the Tea Party wants to only hurt Obama. He forgets that Obama is, and has been, hurting the very people he claims to be helping. Under his administration the price of gas, diesel fuel, home heating oil, electricity and every energy source has gone up. That hurts the poor, elderly, sick. working families and the nation in general. Prices for food, clothing, rent all continue to rise. He has wasted hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars spending them overseas and wasteing them on investments here in this country on doomed, failing companies that incidental donated millions to his campaign. His ACA costs are rising like the sky rocket costs of his energy programs hurting everyone except the freeloaders and illegal aliens. Might I mention he has changed the terms and condition of that law without Congress, a power the president does not have. Not one program he has launched has done any of the things he promised, other then raise the national debt.
And lets consider his foreign policy boondoggles. The "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme killed hundreds and he and Holder covered that up and stonewalled hearings. If his Arab Spring policy was to create chaos in the Middle East, well that is a resounding success. National policy has resulted in the IRS, BATF, OSHA, and dozens of other departments targeting political opponents illegally. And hey, how about that little, no scandal here, Benghazi thing that killed the U.S. Ambassador and three American security men and which the President and all his crew lied to the world about then ran, and continue to run, another cover-up. After that we learn the government is listening in on everyone's electronic communications. NICE!
So excuse me if I think that even if, as John contends, the Tea Party only wants to hurt Obama, I say good for them.
Steve Earle