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Shouldn't take bumping against debt limit to reign in spending

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To The Daily Sun,

Each month the U.S. government collects about 10 times as much tax money as it needs to pay the interest and principle on our national debt. Therefore, UNLESS President Obama violates the Constitution and refuses to make the payments, there will be NO DEFAULT on our national debt obligations.
However, without a debt ceiling increase, government spending will be limited to its income. Payments on our national debt are supposed to be paid first. Social Security, Medicare, and other payments from trust funds should also continue.
It should not take bumping against our debt limit to force Congress and the president to end our disastrous overspending. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged that our deficits cannot continue (without a disastrous result), but neither party has truly acted to balance our spending and income.
The hysteria from politicians, the media, and special interests is way out of proportion to the impact that fixing our spending problem will have on most Americans. Remember the hysteria about the 'sequester"? Yet few Americans have been affected.
Remember the hysteria about the government "shutdown"? Yet, this has affected so few Americans that President Obama has taken unprecedented, extreme, and outrageous steps to try to increase the pain such as by closing open air monuments and withholding death benefit payments for our soldiers killed in combat.
Many cuts in government spending should be easy as so many government programs have little positive value. The Department of Energy has obstructed our move to energy independence. Public education has become far more costly but not better, since the Department of Education has started "helping".
Programs that punish people for getting jobs and trying to become self-supporting should be scrapped. Programs that encourage self-destructive behavior such as premature Motherhood should be fixed to encourage behavior that produces long-term benefits.
Thousands of useless million dollar "studies" (such as to determine the effect of alcohol on Chinese prostitutes) demonstrate contempt for hard-earned taxpayer dollars and should be eliminated.
Taxpayer subsidies and bailouts for businesses and other special interest groups must stop, these entities should survive only if they provide value to customers or contributors.
If the debt ceiling is not raised, the greatest pain for most Americans will come from the hysterical protests from special interests that lose taxpayer dollars and politicians howling at the prospect of being forced to balance the budget as they are supposed, and many promised, to do.
Don Ewing