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It's time to refuse to bargain with political & economic terrorists

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To The Daily Sun,

Tea Party members of Congress laughably anointed themselves as the pure and faithful guardians of the Constitution. Yet they do not care about votes in Congress, laws of the land, court decisions, any majority opinion, payments already approved, or existing contracts — unless they agree with them. They accept neither the legitimacy of democratic elections nor the results. Just like other fundamentalist extremists throughout the world, they intend to impose their warped social and political version of sharia on our country, whether Americans want it or not.

This minority of a minority has hijacked the Republican party and now — like the economic terrorists they are — have put a gun to the nation's head. They say "Do as we say or we will blow up the economy and everyone with it." All Americans will be collateral damage of their fantasies. The Tea Partiers in the House will happily set off bombs in every 401(k), credit card account, mortgage, the national debt and the world's economy. Not to mention Social Security, veterans' benefit and military pay checks. Every one of us will be seriously wounded by their tantrum. Instead of threatening to hold their breath until they turn blue, like 2-year-olds in a cartoon strip, they are putting a choke hold on America's windpipe.

But wait: they say they are willing to negotiate. Except that their idea of negotiation is not compromise or finding common ground but only unconditional surrender. "Meet our demands and we will let you live." And then they will return later with more blackmail and ransom notes. Abraham Lincoln put it well when he spoke about the Southern Fire Eaters who blew up the country in an attempt to preserve slavery. He said: "A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear and mutters through his teeth, 'Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you — and then you will be a murderer!'

It's time to see these people as the radical extremists and anarchists they are. It's time for leaders of the Republican party in Congress (including John "If I Only Had a Backbone" Boehner), who enabled these denizens of the fringe to show some sense of responsibility to their country and finally say no. It's time to refuse to bargain with political and economic terrorists. It's past time to take away the gun they are holding to the head of the American people. It is as simple as letting the House vote on a clean end to the shutdown and on the debt ceiling. Or to vote on any of the bipartisan compromises that come from the Senate. Watching the Tea Party caucus in action makes one wonder what these political versions of Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph and the Tsarnaev brothers think they can get away with. They don't believe in the Constitution or in democracy. The Tea Party fringers are modern day secessionists and nullifiers. Let the would-be Ayatollahs such as Cruz and Bachmann and Wilson impose their tea-cracy on themselves and leave the real world alone.

Ed Allard