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Tea Party cause is only to sabotage Obama and it's getting old

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To The Daily Sun,

I was very disappointed last week to read a letter from Mr. Jones in which he uses veterans as a pawn in the political chess game that we've been witnessing in Washington. He would have us believe that our Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster singled out veterans by voting against the latest ploy by House Republicans to make it appear that Democrats are "taking government hostage" and "voting against veterans". In fact, their votes were against the obstructionist attempts to derail the ACA, not against veterans. Passing narrowly focused continuing resolutions, which they no full-well Democrats will vote against, is their way of countering the public outcry against their shutting down of the government unless a law, the Affordable Care Act, is de-funded. It is a strategy meant to embarrass Democrats and shift the blame. Are veterans being effected — definitely yes, just as all Americans are being effected by the drama unfolding in our nations capitol.

The House voted to add a one-year delay of the Affordable Care Act to the short-term funding bill that would keep government running through mid-December. This Tea Party-led Republican attachment to the spending bill — once again attempting to de-fund ACA, and the Senate refusal to negotiate or vote on a straight budget bill without extraneous and controversial demands have put our country in this position. They have voted to repeal, delay or de-fund the ACA 42 times, and now they are trying to prevent the law, upheld by the Supreme Court, from taking effect through extortion.

It is clear, since he stepped into office, that the Tea Party cause has always been to sabotage President Obama and "Obamacare" — it's getting old. If Republicans want ACA repealed, then vote on that as a stand-alone and not tied to the budget. The problem is that they don't have the votes to overturn it and they are willing to risk so much damage to pursue their agenda. But holding the entire country hostage by combining unrelated bills is going to backfire on the Tea Party and the Republican Party.

House Speaker Boehner believes the health care law "is having a devastating impact... something has to be done." Apparently the Tea Party-led Republicans feel that shutting down government (curtailing aid to veterans, etc.) is the way to go.

In the most recent polls, the approval rating of our Congress hovers around 11 percent (significantly higher than I feel it should be) and 75 percent of the voters express frustration with their representatives and want them ousted.

L. J. Siden