Thanks to all who normalized a very special day for Bill Randall

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To The Daily Sun,

On August 4, a benefit supper was held for my husband, Bill Randall. We would like to thank all of you who attended, donated, or were there with us in spirit. The very large crowd of friends and relatives who greeted Bill at the door is testament to the kind of caring support we experienced from the onset of his cancer ordeal. You, who sat with him through the afternoon discussing everything from construction talk to the latest happenings at Skelley's and Dunkin' Donuts, normalized his day for him at a time when nothing was normal. Thank you so much for that emotional support. And your very generous donations carried us through as we traveled a road no one wants to take.
We would especially like to thank Keith Taylor who put together this event, and his wonderfully generous family who worked so hard to help him carry it through.
Once again we offer our thanks to a community of very caring people. May you all be blessed in your own lives.
With gratitude,
Celia, Becky, Gina & Beth Randall