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The truth about Obama cannot be denied by anyone with an open mind

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To The Daily Sun,

Today, Tuesday, L.J. Siden is on another misinformation campaign. Trying to paint me and other conservative letter writers as extremists, he uses the same tactics as he accuses us of doing. I guess he's not a, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander type guy, if he is a guy? Actually nobody knows who or what he/she is. Actually I have been informed by a reliable source that there is no L.J. Siden listed to vote in Gilmanton, nor any property owner by that name so it seems L.J. Siden doesn't exist. Wonder why anyone would hide behind an alias? Me too.
You know some of the things he finds fault with conservatives, such as those he describes as "birthers" is simply explained. Obama kept so many secrets, particularly about how a self admitted class skipping, pot smoking, poor student got into Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard University's? Easy, he portrayed himself as an Indonesian student complete with foreign passport and school records. All of which to this day are sealed. This gave rise to the idea by some that he was foreign born when in reality he was born in the U.S. but committed fraud to gain entrance to prestigious schools. So the birthers misconception is Obama's own fault.
Now L.J. makes a big issue of the sometime use of "name calling" such as "nutty professor, moon-bat, Kool-Aid drinkers", all of which I have at one time or other used, guilty as charged, but even so doesn't make me a hater unless hating lies and misinformation designed to deceive falls into that category. For instance I frequently referred to Leo Sandy as the nutty professor after his oft presentations of misinformation and demonstrated lies such as when he claimed the U.S. sold poison gas to Iraq. Others who have received the much deserved treatment have been those who are the completely uninformed who make ridiculous assertions about conservatives referring to us as racists, rednecks, bigots, ignorant and the like. Terms L.J. clearly omitted from his list of offensive terms. I will give him credit for acknowledging that both sides do engage in the practice but as noted he takes special care to only emphasis what conservatives say or write. His attempt to appear even handed just doesn't cut true.
What about those six Muslim brotherhood guys in the White House. L.J. debates that is not proven they are Muslim brotherhood members because I got the information from a conservative blog. It's a site I trust and believe in the accuracy of so why shouldn't I? L.J. has his sources and relies on their accuracy. It has been documented that CAIR and the Brotherhood have worked closely to prevent terms such as "Islamic terrorists, Muslim extremists" from being used in FBI training manuals, discouraged from media reports and the famous "war on terror" from being acknowledged anywhere. L.J.'s political correctness omits his simple acknowledgment's that those six Muslims in the government push for exactly these censored terms to be removed and he wants me to believe these six are really benign, harmless, inclusive individuals working for the American good, no way.
So L.J. Siden, whoever he really is, can promote the interests of a proven liar, incompetent, Marxist-socialist president and attack my person, opinions, credibility whatever he likes, but the truth behind Obama can not be denied by anyone with an open mind.
Steve Earle