'This, That & the Other Thing' not affiliated with any other store

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To The Daily Sun,

I want to start off by introducing myself to you as a small business owner in Laconia. It's been brought to our attention that there might be some confusion to who we are — we are "This, That and the Other Thing" located across from Trustworthy Hardware on Union Avenue.

A shop with this that and other thing, we are not a pawn shop or a consignment shop, nor do we have any business connection to any of the previous occupants. There are other shops with similar names as ours which we are not affiliated with.

I join in this venture with my son, George Griffin who ran the Pembroke Flea Market in Pembroke. This store was to help with resale, because the flea market was only open on weekends and we have so many items to sell. We are a family owned and operated shop with lots of collectibles, furniture anything that might be in a flea market and more. We are open Thursday-Monday 9-5. We welcome you to stop by and find a treasure. We have something for everyone, if nothing a memory of years past.

Tammy Griffin