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Individuals don't matter to progressives; they're about the collective

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To The Daily Sun,

A really bad week of political posturing was had by the progressive collective, otherwise known as the Democrat Party. So darn cocksure that the media will hide the truth, the Democrats brazenly and shockingly dissed aging veterans and sick children. Then like so many puffed up peacocks, they blamed the Republicans for shutting down the government when it is they who refused to take any action on numerous resolutions proposed and passed by Republicans to fund vital services.Now that takes chutzpah even with the "stoned on socialist weed" media providing them shameful cover.

It appears for all the world that President Obama is punishing his own citizens for political advantage. Actually ordering his underlings to act against the best interests of the public. In an absolute shocking and spiteful maneuver, barricading 90-year-old WW II veterans from their once in a lifetime trip to honor their comrades. Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the partial government shutdown. Closing commissaries for our service men and women (thank you Sam's Club for giving free passes for our vets). Closing Mount Vernon which doesn't even involve federal property or personnel. Forbidding Catholic priests from performing mass for the troops, even on a volunteer basis. Yes, let's threaten to arrest Omaha Beach vets and Catholic priests in order to show the world how heartless those Republicans are.

Petty political theater of the absurd. Harry Reid's "cold as ice" callous remarks regarding the funding of cancer trials for children in dire straights. Besides offering to fund essential services during the shutdown negotiations, Republicans have compromised on Obamacare repeatedly, by moving from defeating to defunding, to delaying for one year the individual mandate. In order to be fair and to work out the massive kinks in this not ready for prime time, job killing, Constitution ball wrecking law. Oh yes, and to remove the special privileges and subsidies for Congress, the White House and their staff.

Obama and the Democrats say sorry, it's our way or the highway because we don't give a hoot about the welfare of our citizens. We're in it to win it (the Capitol Hill battle) and besides, only our so-called benevolent leader can pick and choose which parts of the Affordable Care Act law he decrees should be delayed or ignored. Chutzpah and arrogance all wrapped in a secretive cone of narcissism.

I'm afraid Derek Hunter, Townhall.com is correct. "Individuals never have mattered to progressives; they are about the collective. Individuals are replaceable, interchangeable and expendable to progressives. Not those in power, naturally, but the faceless masses and 'great unwashed'. History tells this tale repeatedly." He goes on to note, "once you cede power to the government, you aren't likely to get it back. A political movement willing to sacrifice children for the cause, a political philosophy with hundreds of millions of bodies behind it, will think nothing about adding a few more to the pile". Sick children, aging veterans and Catholic priests, all appropriate, sacrificial lambs for the progressive agenda. When do you think the government will come after you?

This is socialism at it's transparent worst, led by a phony Utopian leader who is using the lessons taught to him by Saul Alinsky, Francis Fox Piven, Richard Cloward and Obama's Marxist idols and mentors. Be afraid, be very afraid because we have a massive crisis brewing that has been created by our president, Democrats and establishment Republicans. Maybe Ted Crus hasn't done everything picture perfect, but I love the man for standing on his principles and not backing down even though he is now the most hated man around D.C. and beyond. That kind of says it all for me.

Russ Wiles