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The Tea Party doesn't care as long as Pres. Obama gets hurt

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To The Daily Sun,

They are standing firm and refusing to give an inch. Henry Ford would never have an assembly line under the GOP. Thomas Edison and electricity/the telephone — forget about it. We would still be walking around with candles. But as usual the GOP hasn't thought this out because they thought the Dems would fold on demand.

The GOP is good at telling us what to do as long as they are not affected personally, like health care, wars and anything they can use as a prop. They will stand up for POWs and MIAs but if the vets need help they will turn their backs. Unless someone is watching of course. The Tea Party doesn't care as long as Obama gets hurt. That has been in the works since day one. It has nothing to do with health care (which seems to be off to a busy start) but that was a workable excuse to unify against the Dems. It is easier to say how bad this law can be than how good it can be. They can make up any number of reasons no matter how far fetched they are because no one is checking each thing they say.

The bottom line is we have to find out how it works and repair the problems as they arise. I really don't understand the reasoning or mentality of this type of anti-Obama terrorism. Bill Krystal on Morning Joe this AM, when told people might get hurt from services being cut, just gave his "joker style grin" as if to say no big deal get over it. But that is the Tea Party for you as they live on a different planet from the rest of us. Some in the GOP are now asking for a clean CR to vote on and hopefully the ranks are falling apart.

Jon Hoyt