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So-called Defense Department has had its way too long

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To The Daily Sun,

There are only two legal methods for this country to declare war on another country: As you might know it is within the power of Congress to declare war. The president doesn't have that authority. Second to that, the United Nations Security Council, by a unanimous vote, can sanction a military attack on a country. (I can't recall that happening!) Other than those two legal options, military assault is illegal and therefore criminal!
If you recall, more than 10 years ago, President George W. Bush and his cohorts took their case for military assault on Iraq. The evidence was faulty and the U.N. did not accept it as legitimate or adequate. Kofi Annam, Sec./General of the U.N. said any subsequent military action by the United States would be illegal. That ruling did not deter the U.S. from bombing and invading Iraq with devastating results. Iraq lost more than a half million people, soldiers and civilians alike, in the ensuing years. There still is just cause to arrest George W. Bush for "crimes against humanity" as described in defining documents all lawyers and military personnel are familiar with! Of course, it never happen.
Since then, we have, with impunity and disregard for human life, bombed other mid-eastern counties. Our excuse has been, in doing so, we are killing dangerous people who pose a threat to our own security. Although not one American has been killed by foreign terrorists we cling to that alibi with tenacious authority. Every bombing raid we conduct is illegal, therefore criminal. American citizens (for the most part) accept this brutality with disdain and give their passive approval — which allows these killings to continue. Even churches have withheld their condemnation of this brutality which is against every moral law we have agreed to uphold!
The so-called Defense Department and the leaches in the weapons industries have had their way for too long. Make a positive statement, and do all you can — even in a small way, to end wars and bombing raids by the United States. Do not support criminality!

Leon R. Albushies