N.H. already exports excess eletricity out-of-state

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To The Laconia Daily Sun,

Why do some town officials want to permanently destroy the environment and natural beauty of N.H.? Tourism is our number one industry.

By considering the proposed, yet not approved Northern Pass (Hydro-Quebec, Canada) project — a proposal by a foreign company to rape 187 miles from the boarder of our country, starting in starting in Pittsburg through the White Mountain National Forest onto Franklin then Deerfield. Installing 1,500 plus twelve story sky scraping towers (steel made in China).

I went to all four public hearing meetings held in Concord, Plymouth, Whitefield, and Colebrook to hear first-hand, heart-warming stories of the love for N.H. On the other side many stories of being harassed. Such as, Northern Pass has been flying helicopters over and over the proposed route like black flies scaring livestock, wildlife and even humans. They are also pestering land owners to sell their generational homes.

Northern Pass bought land that used to be the one thousand-acre campground for the proposed convertor station in Franklin.

It will not provide all the jobs as everyone is led to believe. Once the converter is set up and running it will be completely self-sufficient.

I heard talk of an additional route off from Franklin to Sunapee onto Claremont. Crisscrosses all over N.H. When will it stop?

N.H. already exports excess electricity out of the state now. We do not want or need the Northern Pass. N.H. is being used as an "Extension Cord" so Northern Pass (Hydro-Quebec, Canada) can get to N.Y.C. All for financial greed. With most of our dollars leaving the U.S. over the boarder North.

Visit www.livefreeorfry.org. for more information.  Please say no to the Northern Pass by before Tuesday, November, 5. To respond and give support please notify Governor Maggie Hassan at 107 North Main Street, Room 208, Concord, N.H., 03301.

The Sakemp Family