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Obama has made 19 changes to ACA since it was passed?

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To The Daily Sun,

Perhaps the Republican House did make the decision to not pass a clear continuing resolution to fund the government that eventually led to the "government shut-down". By last estimates, almost 83 percent of the government is still working and there is no question they will receive back pay. The decision on what to close and whom to send home is made by the affected departments under guidance from the administration, but when one department asked if they had any discretion, they were told, "...yes, as long as it doesn't reduce the impact." This sad fact is seen in the closing of our open-air memorials, memorials like Mt Vernon, which take no federal funds and have no federal employees, Florida Bay (the ocean, for heaven's sake) and the Everglades, people being forced out of homes they own around Lake Mead just because those homes are on federal land, etc.; calculated moves to cause Americans pain. Can this possibly be right? These decisions were made by a Democratic administration.

I understand the House was attempting to make it fair for the American people by letting them have relief from the employee mandate; the same relief that President Obama gave to the employers and the 72 percent subsidy given to members of Congress and their staff. Their message and methods probably wouldn't work in the business world. However, the president of a company whose main message is "I was elected, you lost and I won't negotiate." wouldn't last long with a board of directors.

ACA is the law, upheld by the Supreme Court, although they actually ruled it a tax and there are about 28 of those. My understanding of federal laws is that they apply equally to all Americans and that only Congress can vote to change the law, yet President Obama has actually made 19 changes to this law since it was passed. Can this possibly be right?

I was under the impression I lived in a republic but now find myself wondering when it became a kingdom. Regardless of the rhetoric from Washington, the math has to add up and rhetoric has to pass the smell test. So far we seem to be trillions of dollars in debt and it's beginning to smell very bad in Washington.

Althea Dunscombe
Center Harbor