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Too bad we have to wait so long to vote these people out

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To The Laconia Daily Sun,

We've all heard the term "enemies abroad". Well we don't have to worry about that any more, with what we have "working for us" in D.C. The fellas there will kill our country quicker than anything outside of our country. Just think, we actually voted for these people. No person elected should be "in" for more than two terms; also if they shut off wages and benefits of innocent folks they too should have their wages "stopped". Someone wrote that idea last week and I agree!

Too bad they have to wait a long time to vote them out and who knows who will be available and what will they do. Limited terms sure sound good instead of paying and taking care of them medically the rest of their lives for sinking the country. I guess brats just can't play nice.

Jean A. Boudreau

Lochemere (Tilton)