From Texas, thanks so much to the lady in the Subaru wagon

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To The Daily Sun,

There is certainly a lot to celebrate in New Hampshire, the majestic fall foliage, maple products, and the like. However, its absolute invaluable resource is its people.

My wife and I were on vacation and, for about the 1000'th time, found ourselves hopelessly lost. We were off a road in Laconia trying to decipher maps and travel books when a woman stopped and asked if everything was all right. We replied that we were from out of state and were looking for a place to stay. She began rattling off directions to a hotel near where we were. She accurately recognized our bewilderment and said, "Look, if you don't mind following me, I'll drive you there." And she did. Pointing to the hotel, she gave a cheery wave goodbye and drove off.

Now, that may not seem remarkable to some, but for this gray bearded Texan, it was so kind that I am compelled to share this with you. So, to the pretty lady in the Subaru wagon, many, many heart felt thanks!

Keith & Judy Pettit
Arlington, Texas