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McCain & other GOP elities are much too eager to surrender

To The Daily Sun,

Of course I expected that John McCain, Ayotte, and Graham would not be there for the fight FOR Americans, but to hear McCain is ready to throw in the towel, it makes me wonder; do you know the damage you are doing to the future of my grandchildren and others?

McCain and other elite Republicans (in their minds) like Judd Gregg are so anxious to give in to Barack Hussein Obama. Once we have completely lost all that is good about America we won't be going back — ever. Instead of McCain and other light weight Republicans buying into Obama's plan, why aren't they demanding that the ILLEGAL INVADERS should not be holding a rally on our land, and denying WWII vets and others to visit the memorial? Why? Why are senior citizens, and visitors to our country denied, and not in a nice way, access to our parks, etc?

Obama is punishing us and you remain silent? Why? Please tell me why our country and families are no longer important to you. As long as killing babies in the womb, or right after arriving, you could care less about what the Obama Zombie and Obama, do, right?

Every time Obama talks about the children he makes me ill. He doesn't care about babies — who someday become citizens of this great country. Aw, bring in the Illegal Invaders to fill the slots.

Niel Young


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