Franklin voters sent strong message but we must stay vigilante

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To The Daily Sun,

Elections are over. Disappointing results. The voters of Franklin sent a strong message, but those who won are too darn pompous to get it! The mayoral race was won by incumbent Ken Marrifield — a mere 50 vote advantage. That number would not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Glenn Morrill campaigned against him for less than a week.

The school board three year term should have been won by Gwen Hall. The 38 votes for the school board, two year term, were obviously intended for her. Even so she lost the three year seat by only 11 votes.

We move on. Those of you who cared enough to write in the "write-ins" — we need to stay vigilante! Remember, those elected should not be working for you and what is best for all the citizens of Franklin and not a token few.

Sue Kidder