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We have a shutdown because Obama wants to bludgeon GOP

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To The Daily Sun,
The partial government shutdown is President Obama's political theater, intended to intimidate Republicans into ending their opposition to Obamacare, continued reckless spending, Obama's job killing policies, and Obama's appointment of radical left-wingers to key government positions.
Without media hype, most Americans wouldn't notice the "shutdown". To increase the pain and get attention President Obama spent more money to shutdown things never closed before, such as open air monuments like the WWII and Viet Nam Memorials, where he erected barriers and sent more guards to prevent access than normally there.
Republicans passed a bill to fund every part of government except for two minor Obamacare changes to which Democrats object.
Republicans say big business shouldn't get a one year delay from Obamacare requirements unless individuals get a delay too. And, Republicans don't want highly paid (on average double the private sector) senators, congressmen, and their staffs to get 3/4s of their health care premiums paid by taxpayers over and above any normal Obamacare subsidies.
President Obama stated that these Republican changes wouldn't stop Obamacare, so these aren't the reason for the shutdown.
There is a partial government shutdown because President Obama believes he can win a political victory and bludgeon Republicans into dropping opposition to anything he wants.
Don Ewing