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10,000 MW power lines are 'clear & present danger' to our state

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To The Daily Sun,

While driving around the state doing errands, I noticed all the out-of-state license plates of tourists enjoying our wonderful autumn weather and brilliant leaves. It made me grateful to be living in a beautiful state which draws such attention from visitors from far and wide. As residents, we have a responsibility to ensure that people continue to visit and deposit money into our economy. Consider how our tourism economy would be harmed, as well our own enjoyment and sense of place, if New Hampshire is turned into a power line super highway to provide electricity to southern New England. That is exactly what has been in the planning stage without our knowledge or input.

In 2009, at the New England Governors Conference, the 2030 Power System Study was introduced by ISO New England which laid out a blueprint for the transformation of New Hampshire into multiple power line corridors. The maps overlay the state with lines and circles indicating industrial wind projects and power lines that practically put all of New Hampshire under a net of new enormous towers and wires. This isn't just about Northern Pass, but that project does account for much of the new transmission lines. Not only does Northern Pass plan to erect over 1,500 new towers from Canada to Deerfield, they also have plans to go west from Franklin, slicing through Andover, Wilmot Flat, New London into Clairmont. The Northeast Energy Link would enter New Hampshire from Maine and run power lines through the Seacoast area. There is an enormous 10,000 MW power line project slated for southwestern New Hampshire. And finally there is the backbone power line loop encircling and bisecting the state twice. All of New Hampshire will be affected.

The 2030 power plan is happening right now. As Senator Forrester has stated, this is a "clear and present danger" to New Hampshire. To protect our state, contact the governor and your representatives immediately and tell them all future power lines should be buried under transportation rights of way, which is presently being debated in committee.
Pamela Martin