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To the Obama administration: please tear down these walls

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To The Daily Sun,
This past April I took my 10-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old Grandson to Washington DC during school break. We had a wonderful and moving five days of history and memory making. Of course we were kept out of the people's house — the White House. We did all the Memorials. . . except the Washington Monument because it is under repair. We shopped at the various memorials and each day had lunch at one of them — spending considerable dollars I may add. Revenue our country now loses because of all the monuments are closed.

It was the first time I visited the relatively new WWII monument, and the daughter of two WWII Veterans (both my mom and dad served during the war), it was a very moving experience. I admit it, tears streamed down my face. Most moving were the buses of Honor Flight Veterans from all over the United States coming to visit "THEIR" memorial. Their days are numbered considering Pearl Harbor — that day that lives in infamy — was almost 62 years ago. The Obama administration's disgusting closure — now, today, with CHAINED barricades — of what is an OPEN pavilion area that needs no staff is an insult and abomination against every member who has ever served in our Armed Forces and to the American people. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the WWI Memorial are all OPEN AIR type memorials. . . all closed by retaliatory political one-up-manship.
At the WWII Memorial, my grandchildren and I visited the pillar of each state, noting the many state wreaths placed at them. . . many by visiting schools. We tried to personally thank every veteran we could for their service to our nation.

Ronald Reagan once exclaimed "Mr. Gorbachev, TAKE DOWN THIS WALL". The American public should inundate our Congress and the president with the same demand. Every day we hear of more and more private businesses on federal lands that require no federal funding nor staff being forcibly shut down by Park Service "essential" police on orders of the Obama administration. We must stop this madness.
Senate Democrats, it is time you stop rejecting the House Republicans repeated votes to pass the budget because you refuse to accept anything that delays Obamacare.
Fran Wendelboe

New Hampton