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There's enough blame to go around; no one's hands are clean

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To The Daily Sun,

Holy gridlock, the government has shut down; the sky is falling; it's Obama's fault; it's the Tea Party's fault; Republicans; Democrats. Geeze, the finger pointing, name calling, blame game goes on and on.

Lets face it folks, there is enough blame to go around to both parties, with no ones hands clean. My take is that the Republicans are short sighted. The GOP should have let the damned ACA go into effect and let the chips fall where they may. Once that happens, I believe so many Americans will be hurt they will be screaming to repeal the whole thing and that the whole liberal movement would be set back 30 years and sanity will return, at least to so degree, to Washington. Nuff said.
George Maloof had a report in his recent letter about the meeting regarding the Northern Pass held in Plymouth last week. I was there along with my wife and I noted George's estimate that the anti-Pass folks out numbered the pro-Pass folks by 10 to one. I think that's kind of conservative there George, it looked to me that you might double that and be not far off.

What is it with government people, why can't they listen to we the people? Now, I like the idea of clean hydro power, it's the kind of green energy that makes sense. But I don't want a bad plan shoved down my throat — our throats — by some big corporation and government stooges. Bury the damn lines along the highways, take the transmission fees and add to the regional grid, but if Quebec Power doesn't like that tell them to take a hike.

Hard to believe George and I are on the same page with this but as he noted it's a cause that has brought political opposites together for once.
Steve Earle