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In a co-op, profits can be used to lower rents or make improvements

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To The Daily Sun,

To Ms. Betty Fortier:

We are not talking about the past in Briarcrest, we are talking about the FUTURE of Briarcrest. Yes, the Mooney's have done a great job and we all applaud them for their efforts, but now the residents of Briarcrest must look forward to the years that are ahead of us whether it be a short time or a long time. The Lakemont Cooperative was formed by residents of Briarcrest that care about that future. And, by forming a cooperative, where every resident can be involved in the decisions of how Briarcrest is run, seems to be the best way.
ROC-NH (Resident Owned Communities — New Hampshire) was asked to help those who wanted to form a resident-owned cooperative since they have the experience and their rate of success is 100 percent. Approximately 107 owner-owned parks have been bought by their residents' cooperatives and all 107 are still running very well as a resident-owned community even after 10, 15 or 20 years.
Do you think a multi-national company would run Briarcrest in our (the residents') interest or in their profit-making interest? You can bet that they are going to run their company by looking at the "bottom line", as any company should to stay in business. Anywhere they can make a dollar is where they'll put their attention and keeping our rents at the level they are now is not how you make a profit. Why do you think the Mooney's have kept the park "up to snuff"? ALL out of the "goodness of their hearts"? They've done it to make a profit year after year (to make a living). It's the Amercan way of capitalism — if you don't make a profit, you won't be able to make a living no matter how caring you are to the residents. The bottom line is: profit — for all companies, including a cooperative. In a cooperative, the profits are put back into the cooperative and can be used to lower rents, do capitol improvements (regular and emergency), make mortgage payments, etc., not sent to the shareholders of some out-of-state company. Besides, all the cooperative's business would stay local — as we are want to hear from all around us. Where would your rent go if Hometown America bought Briarcrest?
We all came here for at least one common interest — to live as we want in a nice place and have someone else do the work, but unfortunately someone has stuck a stick in our wheel and we have to fix it.
Louise Rosand
Briarcrest, Laconia