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Obama not representing the almost 50% who didn't vote for him

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To The Daily Sun,

The election of an academic ideologue with deep distrust for business should be more than a cautionary tale for Americans going forward. One sure question we should ask future presidential aspirants is tell us how you negotiate, your experience at negotiating and in the end will you negotiate for the greater good of ALL AMERICANS, not just those that elected you. Barack Obama's presidency exemplifies the calamity, war and political dysfunction created in two party democracy when one person refuses to negotiate or more precisely does not know HOW TO NEGOTIATE.
Just about every American president and surely the trans-formative ones all knew well the black art of negotiating. They all found someone they could TRUST in the opposing party to pursue the give and take required to FIND SOLUTIONS AND PROGRESS as the bickering and "politics" went on out front. The behind the scenes working relationships that Reagan had with Democrat Tip O'Neil and the one Bill Clinton had with Republican Newt Gingrich is stuff legends are made of. Both men produced presidencies that we STILL TALK ABOUT. More importantly, both presidents found paths to move their parties partisan walls in order to MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD. Not Obama, the ACADEMIC IDEOLOGUE sees himself above negotiating, PROSTITUTING the PURITY of his principles. Having negotiated endless business deals myself there is no single greater DEATH WISH to GETTING any DEAL accomplished than one person trying to protect the PURITY of their PRINCIPLES in any negotiation.

Obama's job approval rating reflects his LEADERSHIP FAILURE. They now hover at the LOWS of his presidency. Obama's five years have produced one of the most dysfunctional, partisan PARALYZED periods of American politics in the past century, including our first debt down grade in history. We now head for another one. For a man PURE IN PRINCIPLES NOTHING IS BEYOND harm to protect them. We WITNESS this today. Our Government is now SHUTDOWN. The KING has spoken. Not the president, presidents negotiate, KINGS DICTATE. We witness the inability of a man to negotiate OUT OF IDEOLOGY, in a political system that only moves forward through NEGOTIATION. What ever the problem, it is always caused by simply not OBEYING THE KING. Well, Americans do not recognize a king, as you may have noticed. Remember, the opposite of negotiating is WAR. REAL WARS with real guns, bombs and killing. We like to settle things in a more civilized manner. Politics settles differences without war. In fact one could say the ONE SKILL any politician REQUIRES above ALL is that of negotiation and compromise. If the TOP political leader in America, the president, the place where the TENURE and PULSE of negotiating BEGINS says "I WILL NO NEGOTIATE". Then the opponent is only left with ONE course of action, WAR. Gosh, do we know how destructive WAR is... look at the harm already. Right now we have WAR declared by the highest office in America, the president of the United States. He declares WAR at every obstacle he faces. He seeks no advice or counsel from some trusted ally on the opposing side as has been the path to progress so often for American presidents for decades.
The day after he was elected in 2012, with FEWER VOTES than he got in 2008, Obama said he recognized his obligation to be president FOR all the people NOT JUST those who voted for him. He talks so eloquently and then blows smoke up our knickers. Obama is not representing the almost 50 percent of Americans who DID NOT vote for him. He represents ONLY the pure ideology of Democratic politics. The American public has opposed Obama care for five years with strong majorities to this very second. Did that make any difference to Obama. He decided we needed Obamacare, then shoved it down our throats over scramming protests that still DEEPLY DIVIDE the country and the economy. The harm done to this country by Obama's principles are of NO CONCERN TO HIM. Harm to others is NEVER a concern of ideological despots like him. By the way he says " the current mess is all George Bush's fault". You still buying that one?
Tony Boutin