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Briarcrest Homeowners Association formed to oppose co-op

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To The Daily Sun,

The large majority of residents at Briarcrest Estates, a 241 unit manufactured home park currently with two purchase offers on the table, are organizing to form a home owners association and have retained attorney Phil McLaughlin to provide legal services in the matter of who purchases the park. These residents believe only one interested party will be able to maintain the quality, affordability, ease of living and high standards for which people choose Briarcrest Estates as their home.

In July Mark and Ruth Mooney, who have owned the top-tier manufactured home development for 25 years, received a purchase offer from Maple Holding & Redevelopment, LLC on behalf of Hometown America, which owns and operates 41 top-tier parks across the nation. They have the financial power and management expertise to keep Briarcrest Estates a superb community and maintain the quality and standards the Mooney's have provided us with all these years. In fact the Mooney's have agreed to be involved with running the park for two years after the purchase is made.
However, a relatively small number of residents, who would rather be in control of the large park by making it a co-operative or resident owned park, took it upon themselves, with the aid of ROC-NH — a housing and loan operation — to form Lakemont Cooperative, Inc. with the intent to purchase the park. The co-op placed a matching offer in September. Belknap County Superior Court has been petitioned to determine if the offer must be accepted, given the fact the large majority of current park residents don't want the responsibility of owning or maintaining the $10 million dollar park.
A core group of 11 residents, representing the nearly 80 percent of residents who oppose the formation and actions of the co-op, have been meeting to organize and take action on behalf of the residents. We will hold a resident-wide meeting this month and have gained legal representation and a voice in the matter. It is our goal to stop further action by the co-op and preserve the quality and integrity of Briarcrest Estates, which we feel would be achieved in the experienced hands of Hometown America.

Briarcrest Estates Homeowners Association