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It's not cut in food stamps that does the harm, it's lack of jobs

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To The Daily Sun,
One wonders if James Veverka misleads the public intentionally or if his irrational hate for Republicans makes him unable to think logically or comprehend what he reads, even the article he referenced.
Among other misleading claims in his hate filled diatribe on September 26, Veverka talks about hardships (reduction of SNAP —food stamp — benefits) to 31 million poor Americans. This hardship is being caused by Democrats, not, as he charges by Republicans.
The article that Veverka references (www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3899), that we were apparently not supposed to check, clearly ties this hardship to two things, both controlled by Democrats. First, Democrats set an expiration date and criteria for the identified SNAP benefits. Second, the USDA, under President Obama's control, provided the information which reduced the SNAP benefits.
But, it is not the loss of a few dollars of SNAP benefits that so greatly harms middle and lower income Americans, it is the lack of decent paying jobs.
If Veverka really cared about the people he claims to care about, he would demand an end to President Obama's policies that kill jobs, cut workers' hours, cause employers to stop hiring altogether, or turn full-time into part-time jobs.
It has been more than four years since President Obama declared the recession was over. But instead of creating the good new jobs needed to put laid-off workers back to work and provide opportunities for people entering the workforce, President Obama's policies have put about 13 million new people on food stamps, slowed our economic growth, and created a job environment that is so bad that, in many months, more people give up looking for work than find jobs.
Unfortunately, President Obama's policies do exactly the opposite of what is needed to encourage people to create jobs. Obama regulations, increased costs, and bureaucratic delays created by numerous Federal Agencies, including the Departments of Energy, Treasury, Agriculture, HEW, and many others, make being an employer in America much more difficult and risky. And, rather than rewarding people or businesses that accept those challenges, many new Obama taxes make taking risks less rewarding.
The result of Obama policies is that many businesses prefer to invest and create jobs overseas or not to invest at all, than to invest and create good jobs here.
Any claimed concerns for America's poor is fake unless it demands that Obama end his war on America's employers and businesses that is destroying America's jobs and making Americans poor.
Don Ewing