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To veterans, Shea-Porter & Kuster are out because of this vote

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To The Daily Sun,

Something Veterans of N.H. may care about as a voting bloc, parties aside, to think about in the future?

Our two congressional representatives. Shea-Porter and Kuster voted with their party and against the Veteran Community of the nation to not fund Veteran Affairs during the "shutdown". This, their negative vote, will affect thousands of veterans, young and old. They had the opportunity to Stand with the Veterans of N.H. and the country and do the right thing (party aside) or think of themselves. They made a choice.

In the future, the Veterans on N.H. will have a choice and as a bloc we can stand together as veterans and make the correct choice. Anybody BUT Shea-Porter.. Anybody BUT Kuster! Believe me, I know our choices will be limited especially knowing the one who will be running against Shea-Porter. He's not a veteran candidate BUT this can be a lesson. Having your picture taken handing a veteran a medal earned long ago or telling the story of your loved one who served in the past or your recent trip visiting the troops won't save your political butt at home.

Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability. We have told you before, Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. Veterans no longer accept 2-3-4th place. Veterans of N.H., it's time to take your organizational hats off and make a statement as one — VETERANS.

Next time you vote, it's not Republican or Democrat here in N.H., it's... VETERAN and remember — Shea-Porter and Kuster are OUT! . . . for a start.

Bob Jones