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Why can't President Obama, just once, lead our country by example

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To The Daily Sun,

"We the People" — that is, most Americans — consider themselves somewhat savvy, even street-wise, and possess an ample amount of common sense to know when someone is selling us a bill of goods, or the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you want to sell me Obamacare, Mr. President, then answer me this: why was there a photo shoot when you signed it into law but no photo shoot of you being the first one to sign up for it?

Here's a novel idea for you, Mr. President, for once during your administration, try leading by example. Or, as they say in Missouri, "Show Me".

Nancy ("We have to pass it so we can see what's in it") and Harry "the Veto" Reed were quick to sign it into law but adamantly refused the opportunity to sign up for the president's signature piece of legislation and closed down the government to prove their point.

To be honest, you can't blame Harry Reed and the Democrats, as they are only following the president's orders — "No Negotiations". Now, where have I heard that saying before? "I was only following orders?" Oh well, it must have been a different dictator.

Seriously though, how is it that the legislative branch of the government can implement a law yet they are exempt from following it?

If this law is so necessary and affordable then the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the government, including all government workers, should be signed up for it and no one should be exempt, including special interest groups and favorite unions?

I can see it now, the old and sick will not receive their entitlements, hospitals will close there will be no police or fire protection, garbage along with starving people will pile up in the streets and we'll have to push grandma over the cliff.

Quick, someone call Rom Emanuel, it's a Democrats delight, it's a crises in the making. Don't let it go to waste; let's make the most of it.

Given the fact that no one in government has signed up for Obamacare and with all the exemptions there's just not enough money coming in to make it viable.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense; that is with exception of the current administration, will tell you that you can't spend more than you make and remain solvent, unless of course you're a graduate of a school that implemented the Common Core curriculum as dictated by Obama under the United Nations Agenda 21.

Keep in mind that this is only round one. We have the debt ceiling debate looming in the shadows and if the Republicans don't blink, Obama will have two choices: go on a golfing vacation or call out Homeland Security. Don't think for one minute Obama has disregarded or dismissed the latter. Stay tuned for round two.

George Dengel