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We don't want to help people without insurance because of race

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To The Daily Sun,
Well the Government has shut down, so please thank the GOP House, especially the self-centered Tea Party. They had their chance to vote for a clean bill but they had to add something about the ACA while knowing it would never pass the Senate. The finger pointing has started but the GOP still has the ball, we can even see it, while they try to hide it. The Dems point at the GOP and the GOP point at the Dems and Obama. It was interesting hearing Cruz play the blame game as he twisted and turned words around to suit his point. Almost sounded believable if one didn't know the truth. It was never about deficits or budgets. The GOP even had to change the reason for the shutdown before each vote. It was to expensive, it didn't work (hadn't even started yet), to confusing, was unfair and discriminated against government workers. Was never a shortage of reasons against it even though they did like certain parts of it. They have always been saying about the ACA — repeal and replace — but they have NEVER said what they would replace the ACA with or how they would fix it.

The answer to this is they will replace the ACA with nothing or no health care at all. So if you get sick you will go broke and end up on Medicare or Medicaid so the taxpayers pay for your care. This seems acceptable to the fiscally-responsible, job-creating GOP. But we have a law called the Affordable Care Act that is suppose to save money and create jobs which they are trying to block. You will be able to afford it with all the incentives and credits which should reduce the burden on the taxpayers.

Why don't they want to help the citizens of our country is beyond me. One reason, I believe is, is that most of the people covered will be low income and people of color and we know from the treatment of our president the last four years how much they like people of color. They also mention numerous complaints, lost jobs, high premiums, confusion etc. Amazing this has only happened in their districts. I also hear the complaint about socialized medicine — horrors! Would that be like the other socialized programs we have, like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, child labor laws, women voting, 8-hour work day, unions, other womens' rights, etc.? People tried blocking these back then and I would think some would still like these laws to go away now. Doubt that will happen soon.

So, again, as the Gov of Kentucky said "get over it and move on" The scarey part is we still have the debt ceiling to go through.

Jon Hoyt