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I can't say enough good about my 10 days at Golden View Retreat

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To The Daily Sun,

I just wanted to write a short note about a great place.

On August 26,2013 I had a knee replacement at Concord Hospital and knowing that there may be no one at home to help, or walk my dog, I decided to go to rehab. I didn't do this with my first knee replacement.

I picked Golden View, the retreat, to check out as it was only four miles from home, great for visits from my hubby and friends. We did a tour and I was impressed with the equipment, rooms (all private) and the seven days a week of therapy.

I did go to Golden View Retreat and I was so glad that I went. My pain was monitored and treated, my blood sugars, B/R's and temperature were checked. Seven days a week of physical therapy came to my room, took me down to the work out area, and worked on me for 45-60 minutes to get my knee to bend. Then the O.T worked on my upper body strength, bathing and dressing myself.

The food was so good and went with my diet. I always had two choices, but the thing that makes this whole process work is the staff. All PT and OT shifts from RN, LPN and LNA's, people, chefs and hair dressers, yes hair dresser (so good to get my hair washed and cut) were awesome cheerful and event at 1 a.m. right there to answer my bell to get me pain medication or a drink and I know good staff after having done nursing for 41 years.

When I left after 10 days everything was taken care of. Medication, visiting nurse and physical therapist set up. So all I had to was give the visiting nurse a call.  Then when I left Golden View called me to check on me. When you are looking for a rehab facilitation, check out Golden View.

Ramona Blake