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Mooneys will continue to operate Briarcrest in same manner

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To The Daily Sun,
The news stories about Briarcrest are about a powergrab by a very small minority of property owners. Thirty-five to 50 maximum signed up, paid up members of a co-op group formed to take over the community. The other 70 plus percent of the owners have all signed up AGAINST a co-op.
There are always figures on both sides that tell a story but it is not the story of Briarcrest.
I along with most others here have lived here for many years. I am in my 18th year here and I chose this place for many reasons.
First, it is a first-class-looking and well-cared-for community. It is operated by people who know what they are doing and who care about the people who are living here. There are people who fall on hard times and when they do, management has stood up and carried or helped with the load until they were on their feet. Many families need assistance. Ruth Mooney has organized food collections and makes and delivers many baskets, many times a year.
Winter finds it way here and the crews are out at the first crack, plowing, sanding, as long as the storm lasts, all hours of the day and night, and when the storm is over they plow out the driveways. Keeping the roads open and safe are the first priority.
Second, I have peace here. We live in a safe, quiet, and non-interfering environment. We come and go as we please. We take part in social activities if we want. We respect our neighbors and their privacy. We get along because we don't get into other peoples' business or minds.
When this business of a co-op started, things changed. Neighbors were being unfriendly, insulting, and actually harassing a lot of the older residents. That comfortable feeling was gone.
In the beginning statements by the group were untrue and we were put in fear by telling us that our leases would not be good under new private ownership. Attorneys for the owners and buyers came in, assured us of the law. Our leases were good until we no longer owned the property. It was a long time before the co-op people admitted that our leases were good as long as we held the property. So, no radical rent increases as predicted could be made, and other services guaranteed in lease would still be in effect. When questions were asked, no answers were given or you were told you were out of order.
I have sent a letter to the Attorney General's Office with a copy to the Department of Elderly for harassment as I believe the original meeting and vote were illegal.
But the main thing about us is we are living free, independent lives, happy in our choice to live here. When you are in your senior years, peace of mind, independence, and the least amount of upset is all you want. We have that under present management,and they will continue to operate the community when it is sold to private buyer in the same manner at always.
We know you can always find complaints and bad opinions in any situation and you can always have hard core groups that make trouble. If they are giving false information now, harassing people, etc. what would they be like running the community.
This community was picked by the buyers because it was one of the best looking and best run communities they had seen and it is a tribute to the owners who started with nothing and built this 241 home community.
Briarcrest has always stood for quality, independent living, necessary services and rules for keeping it the most attractive modular home community in the state.
Brenda Baer

Briarcrest Estates Resident