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Considering the devastation, let's hope Obamacare helps someone

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To The Daily Sun,
If you are not scared by Obamacare, then you don't know enough about it. Or, you are one of the very few, maybe 5 percent of the population, who will benefit from Obamacare. Or, you are completely callous to the suffering Obamacare causes millions of Americans who lose jobs, incomes, health insurance, and quality health care. Or, some combination of these.
My letters are not scare tactics, as Kate Miller of the Belknap County Democrats claims. My letters just provide information about how Obamacare destroys the livelihood of middle income Americans, reduces health care access and quality for all but the rich and politically connected, and, by injecting government bureaucrat controls, degrades America's health care system that is the envy of the world.
Congratulations to Ms. Miller for finding one of the few companies, Cumberland Farms (part of Gulf Oil), that claims to be providing health insurance to more employees because of Obamacare.
However, Obamacare has been a disaster for jobs. Most companies have reduced or eliminated hiring, cut worker hours, or even cut jobs to avoid Obamacare requirements. For example, see: http://freebeacon.com/medicare-cuts-obamacare-prompt-hospital-layoffs/
Obamcare has been a disaster for our health care system. Doctors are retiring early. Obamacare taxes, regulations, and reduced Medicare/Medicaid payments are causing many hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, research companies, medical device manufacturers, and others in the health industry to cut jobs, eliminate products, services, and even hospital beds. For example, see: http://freebeacon.com/medicare-cuts-obamacare-prompt-hospital-layoffs/
Considering all the devastation caused by Obamacare, let's hope that some people do benefit. But, most of Ms. Miller's claimed benefits are just redistribution of income or political magic, where politicians herald giving you some benefits while hiding the fact that it cost you much more in taxes or fees than the benefit was worth.
The biggest Obamacare beneficiaries are federal employees whose health insurance premiums are mostly paid by taxpayers and whose median compensation is double that of private sector employees. With 150 new federal Obamacare bureaucracies, there will be many more federal bureaucrats (including 16,000 new IRS agents examining your records) deciding everything about America's current great health care industry including what treatments you can have.
If Americans are stuck with Obamacare, then let's hope that it actually helps some people. But it will make most Americans suffer, from a stagnant economy, from higher costs for an increasingly poorer health care system, from lower incomes but higher taxes, and from less access to quality health care resulting in more pain and early deaths.
Obamacare is not worth the suffering it causes. Americans were right to oppose it originally and are right now to demand Obamacare's total elimination.
Don Ewing