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Tell teachers you're gratefi; vote 'yes' in Ashland on October 1

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To The Daily Sun,

There can be nothing more vital and essential to a society than meeting the educational needs of its children. Teaching is not only noble, but also essential to the fundamental ideals of our community. Ashland Elementary School's teachers have been tirelessly serving the children of Ashland and been a part of this most noble endeavor. As the needs of the community change, the district looks for educational solutions that have the greatest positive impact on children. We recognize that an educational system thrives when it continues to evolve with the needs of the students it serves. Along with their work and with children, the teachers have also spent many years supporting parents and the community. The work of the Ashland School District's teachers has touched children, parents, and the community. Their service has had an impact to all.

On October 1st, the teachers' contract will, once again, be before the voters. Please make the time to vote and, with one voice, support the educators that have nurtured and educated the children of Ashland. Tell the teachers of Ashland that your are grateful for their noble service and the work that they have done in shaping the future of the Ashland community through their classrooms. Support the people who give their energies to making the future better for all of the students at Ashland Elementary School.

Mary Ellen Ormond

Superintendent of Schools

SAU #2