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Distress & problems already created by Obamacare are apparent

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To The Daily Sun,

Kate Miller, chair of the Belknap County Democrats, says Obamacare is extending benefits to N.H. residents. That is like saying pimps are really generous because they pay doctors twice a month to check their employees for VD. I remind Kate, it was Democrats who who used the words "TRAIN WRECK" to describe Obama care. What an accurate description it is. This space is insufficient to list the errors, omissions and unintended, consequences of Obamacare. Kate Miller knows them all. Like all politicians she shares INTENTIONALLY the INCOMPLETE STORY, forcing others to convey the real and whole TRUTH. I call it being a bold faced LIAR at worst and misrepresentation at best. Kate, if you want to debate the GOOD ,BAD and UGLY of Obamacare then let's have at it right here in this paper. Democrats win no supporters among the public keeping Obamacare discussions on the front pages. Nearly, TWO out of every THREE Americans, especially those in THE MIDDLE CLASS, want the individual mandate removed. Without that "GUN TO YOUR HEAD MANDATE" Obamacare shrivels and dies. It would take a DOUBLE roll of CHARMIN to list all the flaws in Obama care. Here are just two to get a flavor of what a "cow patty" tastes like.
1. Lets start at the beginning. The polls, taken UNENDINGLY for more than a year before Obamacare was passed, showed a CONSTANT, STRONG MAJORITY of Americans NEVER SUPPORTED the Obamacare solution to the challenges facing health care. EVERY POLL since Obamacare was passed shows the very same, strong, majority of Americans DO NOT want Obamacare in their lives no matter the "DONKEY SPIN" politicians like Kate Miller try to put on it. A cow patty smells like a cow patty no matter the gallons of perfume she may try to dump on it. The economic distress and problems already caused by this "train wreck" are most apparent. The economy is still STRUGGLING after FIVE YEARS of Obama uncertainty and their economic impact. We have a sub 2 percent economy that should be 4 percent plus this late after a recession. Obama presides over the slowest recovery in history. Businesses want only PART-TIME, rented help to avoid Obamacare's FINES and his next regulatory road block to slow business.
2. James Madison and the other founders of the U.S. Constitution knew the equal and UNBIASED application of the law to all people (ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS) is essential to freedom and justice and a primary safeguard from authoritarianism and oppression form a ruling political class like we have NOW. Did not Obama SCREAM TO US ALL that Obamacare was essential to the entire country. Not quite true. It seems the DEMOCRATS on capital hill opened the "train wreck" box. They found out THEY WERE INCLUDED in the wreck and were OUTRAGED. Obamacare was going to COST THEM all THOUSANDS in HIGHER health insurance costs. So they BEGGED Obama for an EXEMPTION. He IMMEDIATELY agreed, nice pals they are. Democrats call that CORRUPTION when Republicans are in office. America has to live under the HORRORS and DISASTER of Obamacare but not the upper crust, politicians in Washington DC. Tens of millions will be COMPELLED to spend billions more on insurance because of Obamacare. Even more will be spending billions for insurance they do not want or need having their living standards crushed. All while big money, DC DEMOCRATS BEGGED their way out of Obamacare, saving them fortunes. Their pronouncement: OBAMACARE SUCKS! Millions of others agree, we have been screaming it for FIVE YEARS. Have you ever read greater DEMOCRATIC HYPOCRISY than this tale? If Obamacare is good enough for me and you, it is good enough for OBAMA, REID & PELOSI. Let them all share the great benefits Kate Miller B.S.'d us all with.
Tony Boutin