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U.S. bombing raids criminal; we've killed hundreds of thousands

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To The Daily Sun,

As a country, we have redefined our concept of morality, conducting ourselves with little or no restraint in making war without regard to national or international laws. We have repeatedly bombed countries excusing our motives as justified and necessary. But the glaring fact remains: our bombing raids are criminal and we are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people — and have expressed our intention of repeating bombing raids against Syria, which we cannot legally do!

We are told, over and over again that warfare is necessary to root out insurgents, militants and fanatics who pose a danger to us and other countries. That excuse is readily accepted by both houses of Congress, without hesitation. No one admits that warfare has created a huge industrial-complex that is immune and safe from the deaths and suffering of defenseless, poor people fighting in their own civil wars. The companies that make and deliver bombs are only interested in company profits. They don't have to face pubic scrutiny. But, our elected representatives are devoid of decisions based on what is morally right, but of bringing weapons contracts back to their state. We have, as a people, accepted this immorality and greed seeing our lives and fortunes and our own decency shrivel up: disinterested without compassion or basic humanity! Why are most countries afraid of us? Our conduct in the last 10 years has been one of violence against several mid-eastern countries, and we answer to no one!
I believe in people and their goodness. We should not let this reign of violence continue. We must renew our Christian/Judaic beliefs that every life is precious in the eyes of God. The world is desperate for peace. We have been called to initiate that calling!

Leon R. Albushies