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Obamacare isn't the real issue, our staggering level of U.S. debt is

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To The Daily Sun,
The current Senate battle over Obamacare is really a diversion to take attention away from the real issue, which is, they are raising the debt ceiling again without a word about the continuing massive deficit spending. There is no end in sight and no attempt to curb spending at all.
The real issue is the deficit, not Obamacare. That is a side show,
We are being asked again to co-sign another trillion or two by people who could not tell you how or when this astronomical amount of debt will be paid back. I don't think I want to co-sign another loan that no one can tell me in a language I can understand how and when this money is going to be paid back. Is that unreasonable?

The economy is nowhere to be found. Two percent growth and two percent inflation equals nothing. We have the lowest number of people employed since 1978. Which may not sound so bad if you don't consider that there were 90,196,423 less people in the country in 1978.

So now at least I where the money is going.

But with a real unemployment rate of 12 percent when you count the millions that gave up looking for work, where is the money coming from to pay this back? Anybody?

James Edgar