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If Obamacare works as advertised, Americans will win big time

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To The Daily Sun,

I feel the best analogy was made by Jon Stewart last night in regards to the Harvard grad Mr. Cruz and his slightly confusing speech. Cruz's point is up for your impression and interpretation. Cruz was reading from the Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham" while trying to fill out his time and gather support to suppress and defund Obamacare. Cruz says "I don't like Green Eggs and Ham". The problem is that the main theme of this children's book is about someone who hates something before he tries it but after tasting it discovers that is isn't to bad after all and actually likes it. Sounds to me like he is promoting the ACA. But then again he would never talk to me as I didn't go to any school whose students would fall into his category of acceptance. I think it was only Harvard, Princeton and Yale grads he talked to.

I will admit there is a lot of confusion on this health care law and as usual it is who you believe. The GOP'ers are throwing a lot of cash at negative ads and my opinion is they will really cash in if it fails. However if it works as advertised then we, the American people, will win big time. So, who has the most to gain with this bill? The GOP has NEVER offered any ideas for health care but only tell us how bad it is. So, what do they have to gain? Somehow I doubt the GOP is trying to protect us. If they were then they wouldn't be cutting or trying to cut help for the disadvantaged like food stamps etc. They only help those who don't need it, like tax breaks for the top 1 percent, Not raising the minimum wage, farm bill benefits for numerous member of Congress who don't need them and so on. Who you gonna believe?

Jon Hoyt