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The dogs are more civilized that people who stole kids's money

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To The Daily Sun,

I read the article in Wednesday's edition of The Laconia Daily Sun about the poor kid who had his fundraiser jar stolen from his parent's business. Let me just say that I'm sad and mad about that. I'm so tired of hearing about things like this. It seems to me there's getting to be more and more people who just think they can take anything that's not nailed down,do anything they want, and think the law doesn't apply to them!

I'm upset about what Laconia has become. A city full of drug addicts and people too lazy to work — they'd rather steal or sell drugs for income. I may struggle, but I earn every single dime of it! I've always had to work hard and struggle for what I have since I moved out on my own. However, I've never, and never will resort to selling drugs or stealing to make ends meet. I'd rather be homeless, or sell my things, if it came down to it, before I'll take something that doesn't belong to me, that someone else worked hard to get, or intended to be for a good cause for that matter. I've had things stolen from me, so I know how this kid feels. I worked hard for all those things stolen from me, just for someone who didn't earn them to take them and enjoy them.

This kid put a lot of kindness and thought into what he did. I understand the economy is pretty bad still, but it's no free pass to steal. Seems to me like every time someone tries to do something nice or positive for their community for a change, someone has to ruin it. Pretty low to steal from a kid and/or a good cause. Just nothing is safe anymore. Did I really expect anything better from Laconia? I guess I know now that this city is going further and further down the tubes. You can't trust anybody anymore. Seems to me good people are hard to come by nowadays, most people just care about what's good for them, or they're just plain lowlifes who think it's okay to take what isn't theirs. Those animals that money was going to are better and more civilized than the people who took it!
Dee Morrissette