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Wind farm public relations effort continues to be a disaster

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To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire does have an electricity problem — it produces far too much. So why is the state looking to allow foreign companies to harvest revenues that belong to in-state companies? Sacrificing local companies that provide a trickle down effect into the New Hampshire economy is not a smart move?

Wind contracts will require state regulatory approval and Governor Maggie Hassan will be caught in the cross hairs. She, after all, is pushing for wind farm developments across the state. And I'm sure she prefers to rub shoulders with the big boys — Iberdrola Renewables and EDP Renewables — than us common country folk. Imagine the talks she is having with them?

One question still remains: Why isn't Gov. Maggie Hassan seeking bids from local companies that already develop reliable electricity from our biomass, hydro and landfill companies to help procure additional renewable energy for the state's portfolio?

We've seen first hand how developers have made an extremely bad first impression. In fact, the public relations effort continues to be a disaster eleven months after their initial announcement. Take for instance Ed Cherian's Town Hall meetings recently. It's still characterized by deceptive, misleading statements, patronizing and dismissive treatment of residents' concerns.

Developers have consistently kept quiet and have failed to frame "Wind Farms" as just that, wind farms, somewhere way up there in Central N.H. where nobody goes and nobody cares. When in fact, "way up there" includes the playground for Boston and many other Northeast corridor residents. The state knows Newfound Lake and the Mount Cardigan area is a state treasure for thousands of visitors.

But the more egregious impacts of these wind projects, combined with Northern Pass, will factually impact this region with a true industrial feel. Massive steel turbines, transmission lines and Northern Pass will tower over the natural landscape from all directions. You will not be able to ignore it ... and neither will our visitors!

Again: Ask questions, demand answers and if you don't get them pound the table until you do! You are sacrificing everything.

Ray Cunningham