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Just when did citizens become slaves to public office holders?

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To The Daily Sun,

I wrote a letter about the "Common Core" curriculum which was printed in The Sun back on August 2nd. I spent a great deal of time researching this subject for the letter and included a variety of sources to validate my claim that it appeared to be "a totalitarian takeover of our educational system". I was accused by some of my liberal acquaintances of engaging in hyperbole. Though not from any letters to The Sun.

Well, how many of you have seen the video of the Howard County, Maryland parent who was bullied by the security guard (an off duty Baltimore County police officer) at a Towson public school meeting? Robert Small had the temerity to challenge the way the question and answer session was going on the subject of "Common Core". All questions were supposed to be written and approved ahead of time, ostensibly so that more questions could be answered. When the questions really were not getting to the heart of the "Common Core" philosophy, Robert tried to ask an important question in that regard since this program would be affecting his children for years to come.

Outrageously, he was booted out of the hearing by the security guard who seemed to be looking for a confrontation. Robert was formally charged with assault though the charges were later dropped. All the other parents sat quietly as Robert was forced out of the room. Pat Caddell wonders just when did citizens become slaves to office holders? Those would be the ones who pay the educators and bureaucrats' salaries. Deneen Borelli noted that the "you better be quiet" message was delivered loud and clear. Yes indeed, you better sit down and shut up because the nanny state is taking over control of your children's education. Hyperbole you say? Well let's just keep our eyes and ears open shall we?

Later in my August 2nd letter I stated my opinion about what seems to be behind the "Common Core" agenda, rather than the cleverly worded goals of helping our children: "since this is a 'the end justifies the means' social Utopian ideal, it is perfectly okay to coerce teachers while keeping them in the dark, dumb down students using a one size fits all plan and treat parents like dumb and dumber. After all, it is 'the collective' that must bring up our children properly rather than their own parents".

This looks to me like exhibit A of what I feared in my previous letter. This incident would appear to be another nudge, or in this case push, toward a dictatorial state of soft tyranny. Are we really inching toward becoming the "United Socialist States of America? While more countries in Europe have been declaring the "welfare state" dead due to unsustainability, this country continues its mind numbing march toward the welfare state. By that I mean, the government takeover of our educational system and the government takeover of our health care system. If we are not all reading, listening, absorbing and responding to what is happening to our republic, then we definitely are not paying attention. Be very afraid and speak out, or remain ignorant and acquiesce to the collective mindset.

Russ Wiles