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Sun's report on workforce housing meeting was very accurate

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To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday's Daily Sun published a letter, "Let's hold the press accountable for demonizing the Tea Party," written by Alton's elected State Rep. Jane Cormier. Rep. Cormier ran on a Conservative platform and overwhelming defeated her opponent in the general election, 2035-1054. She has been faithful and consistent in voting the conservative line at the Statehouse. She merits credit for delivering on her campaign promises.

Her being a conservative and me being a liberal of course translates into me almost never agreeing with her political positions. Now I find myself in further disagreement with her characterizing The Daily Sun's reporting of "deliberately misinforming the public." No such thing occurred in Michael Kitch's reporting, "Tea Party takes aim at Alton workforce housing initiative," which ran on September 20's Daily Sun's page one.

I have had a bit of experience in journalism and thus able to judge that Kitch's report was thorough and accurate, and the editor's headline properly summed up the "theme" of the meeting. Yes, Cormier's letter was correct that the event was hosted by the Alton Business Association (as Kitch reported) and was "NOT a Tea Party event." I agree that it was not a Tea Party event -- it's just that a super-majority of the questions and comments from the floor were from persons expressing a Tea Party perspective. Even though the Tea Party did not host or sponsor the meeting, it ended up being a "Tea Party Event" by all those who raised their hands to speak.

I would not say that the media "demonized the Tea Party." The media described what took place at the meeting.

For those readers who would like to judge for themselves, I suggest they view the recorded portion of the meeting which is currently showing on LRPA's Channel 26 and a DVD is available for loan at Alton's Gilman Library.

Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay

(Editor's Note: The meeting in question was indeed hosted by the Alton Business Association but it was also posted by the Lakes Region Tea Party as a "meeting" of their organization as well. That Tea Party meeting notice was published in The Daily Sun on Sept. 13 (page 22).