Incomparable Johnna Davis saying goodbye to Pizza Hut after 32 years

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To The Daily Sun,
As of Friday, Johnna Davis is moving on from Pizza Hut with her life with her great smile, laugh and great hard-working but fun personalty. Nearly everyone over the last few decades has gone to Pizza Hut for lunch and has been met with a cheery greeting and great service by this young lady — who did everything with a great work ethic that she handed down to her daughters and shared with her fellow co-workers. Please do not tell her that I have told you but she has been at Pizza Hut for 32 years wow.

So please everyone who has enjoyed her company and service over the last 32 years, go in and let her know that you will miss her as much as I will. Friday will be her last day as she heads out for her next working adventure. She is a great person. I know she will enjoy this time with her family, friends and her drums. LOL and keep drumming, Mrs. Johnna Davis.
Richard Savary

Laconia Pizza Hut